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Waste Management

Environment Friendly Paint

Ultralast Superior to any paint The world's first true environment friendly paint

Ultralast is called an ECOATING™ because it's more kind to the environment than any paint - it's entirely non-toxic, with zero VOC levels that sit well below the requirements of the Australian Eco-label Program.

It's a system because unlike conventional paint, it requires surfaces to first be coated with Ultralast's special sealer - Ultra-Bond. Ultra-Bond is easy to apply because it has a water-like consistency. The two compounds lock together forever.

Then, no matter what happens, Ultralast continues to look good and perform better than conventional

paints by any measure. That's why it's guaranteed up to 25 years.


Ultralast is fire retardant, with zero smoke toxicity virtually odour-free and non-toxic, it repels moisture, mould and mildew. Ultralast will not blister, crack, bleach or fade. It is the strongest yet most flexible paint ever made. Ultralast also has outstanding insulation properties.

Ultralast is extraordinarily stable, even in the most aggressive conditions such as climatic extremes and direct exposure to ocean salt, sand, wind and waves. It is hard to believe?

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Environment Friendly Paint
Ultralast is called an ECOATING™ because it's more kind to the environment than any paint - it's entirely non-toxic, with zero VOC levels..

Turbine Energy
Power generation more specifically renewable, sustainable, affordable power generation has been the perennial problem people on this planet ...

ePassport System
ePassports make use of biometric technology, cryptographic technology and secure data storage (IC-chip), which are the strongest form of security and of identification.

The International Gateway
The international Gateway is the exclusive Gateway of all the international voice and data traffic to and from the country.

Prepaid Credit Cards
This business will translate the recent explosion in financial instruments such as prepaid credit cards in the USA and Western Europe in to the Gulf region.

Unique Motor Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Systems
The commercial transport and heavy equipment industries have been seeking extended lube oil and hydraulic fluid service intervals.

Unique Electronic Rust Proofing System
Electronic Rust Proofing system is another UNIQUE solution from BMC that serves absolutely different than any rust proofing method available in the market.

The No Waste Story
The NO Waste story starts and ends with Nature itself and the world we live in.

Tourist City
This project valued at 1,000,000,000.00 Euro, to be on a private island 250 hectares provided by the Government on a nominal lease of 50 years.

Health Care
To be located in various cities within the country. Project valued at US$ 250 million. Government shall provide land on a nominal lease of 20 years with 5 years grace period of taxation.

Canned Food
Lebanese canned food processing factory to be based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and serve the Gulf region. Detailed study available on demand.

The first factory in the Kingdom of Bahrain for Natural and Organic Cosmetics. Detailed study available on demand.

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