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Waste Management



The NO Waste story starts and ends with Nature itself and the world we live in. Over time Nature has devised a System where waste from one organism becomes resources for others, creating cyclical material flows in a state of constant equilibrium and balance. Nature is a closed cycle where nothing goes into it and nothing comes out, it adopts a highly sensitive system to create a balance through materials and organisms cyclical interaction. It has taken Nature hundreds of millions of years to perfect NO Waste and it is a fundamental principle of the natural world.

However mankind is in the process of rapidly destroying the very system that sustains us. The intervention of commerce to make fast and growing profits in Nature and agriculture created unbalance. Our one- way, linear Material flows are depleting finite resources and treating Nature as an enormous sink for our increasing volumes of waste. The human economic system operates within the much wider framework of the natural economy (the environment), but we have taken Nature.s capacity to absorb waste for granted. This unbalance would lead Nature and humanity to a disaster unless the efforts of those who care worked together to address this problem.

We have invested so heavily in waste disposal and the supply chain system that feeds it, that attempts to change it over the past 30 years made little impact. The increasing pressure of consumerism over the last 50 years, exacerbated by the forces of globalization has resulted in massive increase in waste volumes.

As we advance into the twenty-first century, the use of engineering and technology to solve environmental problems will increase but it will be applied in a different way than before.

Already, the role of engineering and technology in environmental matters is changing in two important areas:

  • Sustainable development, dealing primarily with global problems,
  • Preventative technology, designed to reduce the environmental effects of processes, operations, and products.

The concept of sustainable development has challenged society to change from its destructive, exploitative philosophy to one that fosters long term protection of the environment and its inhabitants.

Its time to return to the system that Nature has perfected and once more act as part of the natural system on which we ultimately depend.

Our Values

As Environmentalists and humans, non of whom inherited Nature from our fathers, rather we borrowed it from our future generations, debit and payback, thus we work hard to return back Nature safe and healthy.

Driven by greed and the drive to control Natural and human resources, mankind for thousands of years got tangled in conflicts and wars. Hence humanity have been ever busy trying to resolve international security and political conflicts ignoring the bigger cause, and the more important security problem (Food, Water and Air) which reflects more prominently on the existence of life itself and the Nature we live in.

As with every borrowed capital, reward and punishment govern our banking systems to guarantee payback, we will continue to work hard to return what we borrowed from Nature so we avoid the extinction and punishment of Nature.


We are a team of believers in the No Waste vision to use and develop simple and effective technology that depict what Nature has devised for its ecological balance. Our Processes, Resources and People are committed to handle current “waste” problems in the region and achieve No Waste. Conserving the environment, continuing the human sustainable development and maintaining resources ecological balance for the future benefit of our society and nature govern all what we do.


  • Use the principles of solid waste recycling as first means of waste integration cycle by intensive manual (employment opportunities) and automated processes to extract usable material that can be feedback into the industrial cycle.
  • Use the principle of digestion (natural process to break organic waste into nutrients and bio-gas). The nutrients (rich fertilizer through the use of biological enzymes and mechanical digestion methods) will be supplied back to farmers to integrate back into the nature.
  • Use the Bio-gas for basic power and heat generation, the power and heat requirements for the processes will be self supplied as well as additional capacity to supply to the society
  • Use processes designed to ensure minimum to none emissions to the environment.
  • Use technology to transfer inert material into basic building materials and tools.
  • Devote resources for the research and development of the processes to realize the NO waste vision and launch social programs to improve the awareness of NO waste concept in the segregation and collection phases.
  • Utilize water recycling concepts either internal to the process or from external (sea water) to ensure water self-sufficiency and conservation of natural resources.
  • Our team consists of believers in our values and the cause to conserve Nature regardless of their identity, origin, sex, color or spiritual believes.
  • Use sterilization techniques to convert hazardous, toxic and bio-medical waste into inert that can be reused.



Many countries in the Middle East region are littered with landfills-often near or over sensitive marine and freshwater systems. Many of these are closing and being replaced with larger regional landfills that we are told will be safer. This contradicts studies that show there are significant health risks associated with land-filling and the knowledge that all landfill liners will eventually leak. Regardless of their safety, these large facilities present a clear danger because increased investment and capacity actually encourages increased materials flows. In attempting to solve one problem-informal and unsafe landfill, we are creating a new one over capacity that requires ongoing waste flows to justify capital costs and give a return to investors. We have the absurd situation now where communities are looking for more waste to help them fund the costs of the „waste hiding. infrastructure that they have built.

The idea of “managing” waste isn’t working

Cheap waste disposal to landfills (and, overseas, to incinerators) threatens our materials efficiency and industrial competitiveness as many manufacturers have discovered around the world. In the final analysis landfills and incinerators destroy valuable resources. Even if they were proved „safe,. this destruction of resources would be enough reason to condemn them as outmoded disposal technologies. The final goal for a sustainable society is to create a 100% materials-efficient economy –based on the same principles that Nature has successfully proven for millions of years.

No liner, however, can keep all liquids out of the ground for all time. Eventually, liners will either: degrade, tear, or crack and will allow liquids to migrate out of the unit. Some have argued that liners are devices that provide a perpetual seal against any migration. EPA has concluded that the more reasonable assumption …is that any liner will begin to leak eventually.

No liner, however, can keep all liquids out of the ground for all time. Eventually, liners will either: degrade, tear, or crack and will allow liquids to migrate out of the unit. Some have argued that liners are devices that provide a perpetual seal against any migration. EPA has concluded that the more reasonable assumption …is that any liner will begin to leak eventually.



Environment and Tourism

Clean environment is any nation.s biggest asset inextricably linked to the success of our export and tourism industries. The international perception of any country as a clean green country and a clean source of food for the world is worth fighting for. Limiting the destruction of land through landfill and avoiding the high costs of dismantling landfills while avoiding all the negative effects on public health and environment through underground water

Exports & Imports

NO Waste is a powerful signal to overseas markets that a country.s primary produce comes from an environment with less of the health hazards associated with landfill leachate contamination. Even the perception of food contamination is a serious threat. By recycling and reusing the maximum amount of materials and products we will significantly cut down on imported materials and make sure that those we do import are used to the full.

Global Warming/Climate Change “Kyoto Protocol”

Landfills are a source of greenhouse gas emissions. Large-scale waste elimination will help us meet our Kyoto Summit obligations by reducing CO2 and methane emissions. For every tone of waste diverted from landfill 0.8 metric tones of carbon equivalent are saved. No other avenue for reducing these emissions provides such a range of other positive outcomes.


A crisis demands action - a breakthrough! And the breakthrough strategy for solving our waste crisis is a very simple one -NO Waste is a “whole system” approach to redesigning resource flows comprised of an underpinning philosophy, a clear vision, and a call to action. NO Waste is a whole-system approach to addressing the problem of society.s unsustainable resource flows. NO Waste encompasses waste reduction awareness strategies program for the society, recycling and re-use, composting through anaerobic digestion and creative re-use of inert. Every waste will find its way back to the supply chain as a useful product. Communities that implement NO Waste strategies are aiming to switch from wasteful and damaging waste disposal methods to value-added resource recovery systems that will help build sustainable local economies. As such NO Waste is in complete opposition to land-filling and incineration.

Local Economic Development & Employment

Hard-hit communities are already taking control of a huge un-tapped and increasingly valuable resource to create local businesses, and wealth, from waste. An economic sleeping giant will be a wakened through reuse of the vast quantities of separated materials that will come on stream -creating a huge labor market. Developing public awareness, and producing vision in NO Waste.

Reduced Liability

Our long-term waste disposal costs will be greatly reduced -and we will take the burden of cleaning up leachate-contaminated waterways and polluted beaches from future generations.

Knowledge Economy & Agriculture

Experimentation and agriculture innovation will flourish in an environment open to new ideas and the resulting technology will be able to be exported around the world. The fertilizer produced by NO Waste, processes will help improve the soil characteristics, productivity while reducing the overall cost of green organic food and prevent the consumption of rich agriculture soil.

National Pride and a Leadership Role

The country will take pride in pioneering an innovative environmental/social policy that becomes established as a global precedent.


  • Is a unifying concept or “brand” for a basket of existing and emerging technologies aimed at the elimination of waste “No Waste… Do not waste you waste” as a target.
  • Redesigns the current, one-way industrial system into a cyclical system modeled on Nature.s successful strategies.
  • Helps communities develop local economies, sustain good jobs, and provide a measure of self-sufficiency.
  • NO Waste is a goal -like the manufacturing goals of NO Emissions, NO Accidents and NO Defects campaign goals.


NO Waste is rapidly spreading around the globe. Its clear and uncompromising message is being embraced by different cultures –and at all levels of society –from NGOs and recycling industry coalitions to local municipalities, state, regional and national governments NO Waste policies have been adopted in:

Australia, Canada, England, India, Philippines, USA, Germany, France and Italy.


Environment Friendly Paint
Ultralast is called an ECOATING™ because it's more kind to the environment than any paint - it's entirely non-toxic, with zero VOC levels..

Turbine Energy
Power generation more specifically renewable, sustainable, affordable power generation has been the perennial problem people on this planet ...

ePassport System
ePassports make use of biometric technology, cryptographic technology and secure data storage (IC-chip), which are the strongest form of security and of identification.

The International Gateway
The international Gateway is the exclusive Gateway of all the international voice and data traffic to and from the country.

Prepaid Credit Cards
This business will translate the recent explosion in financial instruments such as prepaid credit cards in the USA and Western Europe in to the Gulf region.

Unique Motor Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Systems
The commercial transport and heavy equipment industries have been seeking extended lube oil and hydraulic fluid service intervals.

Unique Electronic Rust Proofing System
Electronic Rust Proofing system is another UNIQUE solution from BMC that serves absolutely different than any rust proofing method available in the market.

The No Waste Story
The NO Waste story starts and ends with Nature itself and the world we live in.

Tourist City
This project valued at 1,000,000,000.00 Euro, to be on a private island 250 hectares provided by the Government on a nominal lease of 50 years.

Health Care
To be located in various cities within the country. Project valued at US$ 250 million. Government shall provide land on a nominal lease of 20 years with 5 years grace period of taxation.

Canned Food
Lebanese canned food processing factory to be based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and serve the Gulf region. Detailed study available on demand.

The first factory in the Kingdom of Bahrain for Natural and Organic Cosmetics. Detailed study available on demand.

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