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Waste Management

Management of The International Gateway

With this message we aim to get the consent on one of the projects in the telecom sector in certain country that will make a significant positive change in the international traffic with tangible benefits to the Government, the Mobile/Fixed lines Subscribers and the Telecom Companies.


The idea behind the project is to retain the exclusivity of the Gateway for incoming and outgoing international traffic to the Government of ABC and agree with the experienced and qualified Company to manage and control the Gateway. The Gateway will then be claimed by the Government of ABC as a valuable resource to the Government with lots of benefits that are mentioned in the following section.

The international Gateway is the exclusive Gateway of all the international voice and data traffic to and from the country. The Gateway represents the access of the country to the world and it can be connected either through satellites or through international fiber cables.


The benefits of the Gateway being exclusive to the Government with a professional management will be significantly seen through the value chain namely the Subscribers who will receive better quality, the Government who will regain the lost revenue at zero cost and the Operators who will properly manage their revenue streams. The benefits can be summarized as following:

  • Restoration of plenty of lost revenues through proper management, fraud control and transparency
  • Better quality of international calls to and from mobile and fixed networks that will satisfy the subscribers needs and expectations
  • Higher capacity of international traffic which allows for more inbound and outbound calls to be made, hence increase in the accessibility by the people of ABC in addition to other major sectors such as Trade, Industry, Tourism, NGOs, Governmental and others
  • Better security by prohibiting illegal Gateways to operate hence achieving more control over the security issues.


The proposal will not make the Government of ABC carry any cost. On the contrary, the Government will regain lost revenues and maintain a better quality of service and increase in traffic as mentioned in the previous section. The proposal can be briefed as follows:

  • Establish the complete international Gateway infrastructure including all the investment needed to setup the equipment and earth stations, a private entity will be handling all investment required with management control basing the structure on revenue share with the government within a licensed period of 7 to 10 years, and a possible formula of BOT agreement.
  • Establish the interconnection with the telecom operators in ABC from one side and the International carriers from the other side. The interconnection will be outlined by service level agreements that maintain the best quality of service according to the international standards and norms
  • Take full management and control over the international Gateway in coordination with the respective entity of the Government of ABC. This will include placing the needed experts to setup and manage the company in ABC, and recruit the qualified local team to operate in addition to remote supervision and control through our 24/24 network operation center and operating through the best standards applied in the industry
  • Revenue sharing shall be allocated as per the following:
    • The government of ABC
    • The management company
    • The local partner
    • The private investment party
    • Bahrain Management Center
    • Other parties
  • All shares shall be calculated after deducting all direct costs and the calculation of operating expenses. However, the following are to be noticed:
    • The government of ABC shall secure its shares without investing any money or incurring any cost
    • The management company will be handling the entire project
    • The local partner will keep maintaining its operation after the network have been improved with the new set-up
    • The private investment party will undertake all necessary financial needs
    • Bahrain Management Center will handle all logistics including contractual and follow-up the on-going operation
    • Other parties roles will be identified in due course

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The International Gateway
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