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Waste Management

A Quantum Leap in Turbine Energy

Power generation more specifically renewable, sustainable, affordable power generation has been the perennial problem people on this planet have had to face since Tomas Edison gave us The Electric Light Company.

Today, there are a number of renewable energy schemes that have achieved varying levels of success in this area.

Intapower is a totally new concept in solar thermal-turbine technology that will impact significantly on the way we look at generating electricity in the future.

It is a quantum leap in technology that will create the sort of tsunami-like shift that the microchip had on computing. Or the way the internet transformed the way we communicate. It is not only viable, sustainable and renewable; it is also infinitely affordable and readily accessible.

Unlike traditional solar technology that uses the sun’s heat and direct sunlight to generate electricity through photovoltaic solar panels, the Intapower solar-thermal turbine process revolves around the collection of UV and infra-red solar radiation, under all light conditions (including overcast conditions), through evacuated solar tubing, installed on a roof or anywhere exposed to the sky.

Current photovoltaic solar technologies convert 17% of the sun’s energy into electricity. Intapower technology comfortably doubles that output for a fraction of the cost.


  • It is renewable, sustainable and extremely energy efficient.
  • Our turbine technology will have minimal, if not zero, impact on the environment.
  • Our turbine technology will have minimal, if not zero, impact on the environment.
  • It is carbon neutral (and will even earn REC offsets when surplus power is sold back to the grid)
  • Will ease pressure on national power grids
  • Will lead to reduced dependence on fossil fuel power.
  • Will reduce environmental impact of manufacturing and industry


With three basic models available initially.

  • 2 domestic versions (av. Output 8KWH and 10KWH)
  • A commercial nano generation model (av. Output 100KWH)
  • A commercial/industrial model (av. Output up to 1MWH dependent on roof space)
  • Larger variant models can be built to specifications (Up to 1000 MWH)

This technology will have wide and varied use from domestic residences to valuable commercial and industrial applications in cities and in remote outback areas.

Specific market applications will include:

  • Battery charging
  • Water heating
  • Irrigation (pumping)
  • Rural electrification
  • Desalination
  • Standby/emergency power generation
  • Telecommunications
  • Navigation – light and radio beacons
  • Third world energy infrastructure


Environment Friendly Paint
Ultralast is called an ECOATING™ because it's more kind to the environment than any paint - it's entirely non-toxic, with zero VOC levels..

Turbine Energy
Power generation more specifically renewable, sustainable, affordable power generation has been the perennial problem people on this planet ...

ePassport System
ePassports make use of biometric technology, cryptographic technology and secure data storage (IC-chip), which are the strongest form of security and of identification.

The International Gateway
The international Gateway is the exclusive Gateway of all the international voice and data traffic to and from the country.

Prepaid Credit Cards
This business will translate the recent explosion in financial instruments such as prepaid credit cards in the USA and Western Europe in to the Gulf region.

Unique Motor Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Systems
The commercial transport and heavy equipment industries have been seeking extended lube oil and hydraulic fluid service intervals.

Unique Electronic Rust Proofing System
Electronic Rust Proofing system is another UNIQUE solution from BMC that serves absolutely different than any rust proofing method available in the market.

The No Waste Story
The NO Waste story starts and ends with Nature itself and the world we live in.

Tourist City
This project valued at 1,000,000,000.00 Euro, to be on a private island 250 hectares provided by the Government on a nominal lease of 50 years.

Health Care
To be located in various cities within the country. Project valued at US$ 250 million. Government shall provide land on a nominal lease of 20 years with 5 years grace period of taxation.

Canned Food
Lebanese canned food processing factory to be based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and serve the Gulf region. Detailed study available on demand.

The first factory in the Kingdom of Bahrain for Natural and Organic Cosmetics. Detailed study available on demand.

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